source: osmose-backend

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
analysers be2fe4a   5 years fred.rodrigo Add merge_geodesie_support_FR
dictionaries e627c81   5 years fred.rodrigo Dispatch dictionaries into specific directories
merge_data be2fe4a   5 years fred.rodrigo Add merge_geodesie_support_FR
plugins d784b47   5 years fred.rodrigo Allow multiple value for tag 'motor_vehicle'
.tx 6667947   6 years jocelyn.jaubert Update po Makefile to pull translations from transifex
cron 87dda0f1   6 years jocelyn.jaubert Run osm8 countries every two days instead of every day
modules 45ba10e   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Allow not setting version in config
osmconvert 5d80860   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Re-compile osmconvert on Debian stable (squeeze)
osmosis b549dff   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Add IMMUTABLE/STABLE + return NULL on functions from CreateFunctions?.sql
po 6f98551   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Update translations
tests 17f3d74   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Add test to analyser_osmosis_noexit
tools 219c70a   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Generate cover in topojson.pbf 47.8 KB be2fe4a   5 years fred.rodrigo Add merge_geodesie_support_FR
.gitignore 17 bytes 7a571a8   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Add tests/out/ to .gitignore
cron-launcher 229 bytes f9c636a   6 years jocelyn.jaubert Fix cron-launcher to read file line per line, allowing options to be added
launcher 301 bytes 95c5a68   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Fix path in launcher
LICENSE 34.3 KB c25405d   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add LICENSE file
local-launcher 277 bytes 1d88047   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add launcher to launch on local machine, and wait for the end of the … 57 bytes 3550abd   8 years jocelyn.jaubert Define function set_password(), needed by 30.4 KB b8d291d   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Add version field to XML file sent to frontend
README 2.3 KB 4ca12a4   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Add support for directly POSTing results instead of using a http server … 963 bytes bbb961d   5 years naoliv Remove old references to osm2pgsql
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