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(edit) @51b2f73   5 years fred.rodrigo Display backend version
(edit) @8c3397b   5 years fred.rodrigo Add remote and country filter to matrix
(edit) @55da78c   5 years fred.rodrigo Hash remote server name in sql
(edit) @f212928   5 years fred.rodrigo Change order un control summary
(edit) @84b9c95   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Drop table dynpoi_source
(edit) @6b53ea4   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Replace use of table dynpoi_source to source/source_password
(edit) @2037cbf   5 years fred.rodrigo Add control/update_summary view
(edit) @7af57c5   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Update should return OK in case of OsmoseUpdateAlreadyDone? exception
(edit) @c24a71f   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Correctly record IP of backend which uploaded results
(edit) @de4da40   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Add missing lang parameter on route for /control/update/<int>
(edit) @e754cfd   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Make it possible to send whole file via POST on update
(edit) @feba22e   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add debug information on page /control/lang
(edit) @8687adb   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Use dynpoi_update_last in control/update_matrix
(edit) @2e94cd8   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add argument lang to pages /control/update and /control/update_matrix
(edit) @bed69c5   7 years frodrigo Add average value to update matrix
(edit) @9b9f58c   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Renome POST src to source on update page
(edit) @f584372   7 years frodrigo Add view control/update_matrix
(edit) @dfbeeed   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Fix medium delay printing in both pages
(edit) @fb16227   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Use dynpoi_update_last instead of dynpoi_update
(edit) @d5d0761   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Check source if available when updating from a backend
(edit) @6ee292d   7 years frodrigo Simplify control list updates
(edit) @dc7e2b1   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Fixes for updating frontend database
(edit) @6bf5a5c   7 years frodrigo Use POST for send update to frontend
(add) @95a622e   7 years frodrigo Use bottlepy framework into Osmose (big commit)
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