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(edit) @f517d06   5 years fred.rodrigo Replace 'error' by 'issue' in string deplayed at user
(edit) @6b53ea4   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Replace use of table dynpoi_source to source/source_password
(edit) @c975680   6 years fred.rodrigo Add Josm export to load all visble erronous objets
(edit) @5c11e3e   6 years fred.rodrigo Add GPX output of errors list
(edit) @0fc1496   6 years fred.rodrigo No display error count on errors list when no item in params
(edit) @f054b5c   6 years fred.rodrigo Make errors list available as RSS
(edit) @f6a2ac9   6 years fred.rodrigo Switch from OpenLayer? to Leaflet
(edit) @197f1fe   6 years jocelyn.jaubert Add link to information page for false_positives
(edit) @1282d45   6 years jocelyn.jaubert Fix classs to class in errors description
(edit) @11be898   6 years jocelyn.jaubert Remove decode('utf-8') in
(edit) @99730b9   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Make sure that params.limit has a default of 100
(edit) @9d37536   7 years frodrigo No need limit on errors page
(edit) @e2036a5   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Store lat/lon in database as numeric type instead of integer This also …
(edit) @0ea6490   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Output description at the beginning of json outputs
(edit) @36d7234   7 years frodrigo Change json error layout, move meta query to tools
(edit) @cf3a9a9   7 years frodrigo Switch api to json, use query from tools in graphe
(edit) @300533f   7 years frodrigo SQL refactoring, build 0.2 api
(edit) @e032b66   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Replace 'LEFT JOIN' by 'JOIN' in sql requests on errors page, as we want …
(edit) @893ad40   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add support for country* in errors page
(edit) @7a18677   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add some ordering on errors page
(edit) @08b007e   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add option country* to graph
(edit) @d02726d   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add support for levels in graphs
(edit) @326c993   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Change sources to source in argument for graph
(edit) @1054d21   7 years frodrigo Switch to graph to matplotlib
(edit) @184d4e1   7 years frodrigo Fix deal with empty source param on /errors/
(edit) @44edaa2   7 years frodrigo Fix errors.int_list, return a value
(add) @95a622e   7 years frodrigo Use bottlepy framework into Osmose (big commit)
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