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(edit) @e0f43d6   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Fix arguments to _build_param() on heatmap and graph
(edit) @6b53ea4   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Replace use of table dynpoi_source to source/source_password
(edit) @0da0627   6 years fred.rodrigo Fix error graphe
(edit) @7d3cee8   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Support new parameter tags
(edit) @16b53f9   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add support for start_date/end_date parameters on graph
(edit) @274d24b   7 years frodrigo Rename generic param active to useDevItem
(edit) @cf3a9a9   7 years frodrigo Switch api to json, use query from tools in graphe
(edit) @5c51c1c   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add some margin above max data in graphs
(edit) @3a90e96   7 years frodrigo Display day as min trick on graph
(edit) @5310d44   7 years osmose Force png output when directly calling
(edit) @08b007e   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add option country* to graph
(edit) @c58644d   7 years frodrigo Start graphe at 0
(edit) @d02726d   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add support for levels in graphs
(edit) @08be54e   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Don't report result from db for source if it is NULL
(edit) @8f3cfd8   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add country as a source in graph title
(edit) @f0671ed   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Print dates in ISO format on errors graph
(edit) @3c30593   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Use pyplot instead of pylab + add closing of figure
(edit) @b5f60c1   7 years frodrigo Fix graphe scale
(edit) @e5466bd   7 years frodrigo Fix graph trick
(edit) @1054d21   7 years frodrigo Switch to graph to matplotlib
(edit) @7f3b062   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Fix graph generation
(add) @95a622e   7 years frodrigo Use bottlepy framework into Osmose (big commit)
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