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(edit) @e7f8984   5 years fred.rodrigo Replace 'Error' by 'Issue' in string deplayed at user
(edit) @e0f43d6   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Fix arguments to _build_param() on heatmap and graph
(edit) @0a34689   5 years fred.rodrigo Statistics are now the matrix
(edit) @babf077   5 years fred.rodrigo No more link to
(edit) @9150aa4   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Change mustache delimiter to {%, as <% is now used by bottle
(edit) @659227a   5 years jocelyn.jaubert Add languages name to map menu
(edit) @7b50d3e   6 years fred.rodrigo Fix encodeage error on user login
(edit) @94db840   6 years fred.rodrigo Fix heatmap prama
(edit) @e50254d   6 years fred.rodrigo Change fixable from checkbox to select
(edit) @4734d02   6 years fred.rodrigo Better deal with login and encoding of user detail, add logout
(edit) @1c3085e   6 years fred.rodrigo Start Osmose Editor
(edit) @af8e500   6 years fred.rodrigo Add fixable selector, minor fix on tags selector
(edit) @464ca4b   6 years fred.rodrigo Add webassets support
(edit) @6f1633e   6 years fred.rodrigo Display errors number of logger user
(edit) @d2d7241   6 years fred.rodrigo Add OAuth
(edit) @ec5ceb2   6 years fred.rodrigo Display select tag of items
(edit) @915d7ed   6 years fred.rodrigo Fix for no delay, yet
(edit) @830ae61   6 years fred.rodrigo Remove hardcoded delay at 0
(edit) @a23a666   6 years fred.rodrigo Responsive menus
(edit) @4bfd029   6 years fred.rodrigo Remove CLC link
(edit) @f6a2ac9   6 years fred.rodrigo Switch from OpenLayer? to Leaflet
(edit) @bafa401   6 years fred.rodrigo Fix import of PIL
(edit) @7387a91   6 years frodrigo Update translation
(edit) @f8105b9   6 years jocelyn.jaubert Add contact page
(edit) @cf19842   7 years frodrigo Reactive tag2link
(edit) @80240fd9   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add default value for tags in map
(edit) @7d3cee8   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Support new parameter tags
(edit) @9df0baa   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Allow multiple usernames in query username=*
(edit) @51a578e   7 years frodrigo Fix heatmap after numerical lt/lon migration
(edit) @e2036a5   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Store lat/lon in database as numeric type instead of integer This also …
(edit) @8f0b322   7 years frodrigo No heatmap error on empty data
(edit) @1a03bb7   7 years frodrigo Support country param on map and heatmap
(edit) @a300c14   7 years frodrigo Fix probleme when no update delay
(edit) @274d24b   7 years frodrigo Rename generic param active to useDevItem
(edit) @c129a94   7 years frodrigo Add support of active param on map view
(edit) @3825b58   7 years frodrigo Fix bbox param order in heatmap
(edit) @b9c26fc   7 years frodrigo Use tool query in heatmap
(edit) @36d7234   7 years frodrigo Change json error layout, move meta query to tools
(edit) @542576d   7 years frodrigo Fix username in map
(edit) @cf3a9a9   7 years frodrigo Switch api to json, use query from tools in graphe
(edit) @300533f   7 years frodrigo SQL refactoring, build 0.2 api
(edit) @d2c9259   7 years frodrigo Menu refactoring
(edit) @05a2348   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Fix links to change language so that query string is kept
(edit) @8e3a344d   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Move bottom_links to a top menu, with direct links for languages
(edit) @28a008c   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Print an error message when marker id is not present
(edit) @d1584bf   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Fix redirection from /map to /map/ to keep query_string
(edit) @b87090a   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add class= param support to map
(edit) @63c696f   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Make it possible to specify source and item in /map/markers
(edit) @22daa76   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add tag2link support into popup
(edit) @05678d6   7 years frodrigo Do and on sql for query param for markers request
(edit) @12c8abc   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Remove non-necessary db connection on some urls
(edit) @dfbeeed   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Fix medium delay printing in both pages
(edit) @e9da4af   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Don't use table dynpoi_class when level is '(1,2,3)'
(edit) @fb16227   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Use dynpoi_update_last instead of dynpoi_update
(edit) @a0f4228   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Minor simplifications on cookie handling for map - use …
(edit) @e907d18   7 years frodrigo Fix html code for level selector
(edit) @eb4b497   7 years frodrigo Fix displayed items on map vs marker details
(edit) @b441b4a   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Remove website from js template for popup
(edit) @4707fa5   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Move popup js template to a mix of bottle+js template so that we can …
(edit) @90ce398   7 years frodrigo Fix marker sql query
(edit) @cf06a02   7 years frodrigo Add errors heatmap
(edit) @80a9930   7 years frodrigo Optimise marker list and restore marker by user
(edit) @e25994e   7 years frodrigo Display update median delay on map page
(edit) @ce387de   7 years frodrigo Remove useless data from marker list
(edit) @80fc4e5   7 years frodrigo Support no item selected
(edit) @c537e71   7 years frodrigo Support small link for item param
(edit) @ca358f2   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Fix josm zone link on popups
(edit) @7898057   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add field 'num' to fixes used to generate correct josm url
(edit) @3aad5cc   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Generate popups through a mustache template
(edit) @7239819   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Force json output for markers
(edit) @5da3f8c   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Return json for marker popup
(edit) @76260e1   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Return json for marker popup
(edit) @1006a135   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Add utils=utils to template for markers
(edit) @6344f27   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Use tpl for popup
(edit) @0a38dfe   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Split markers load into marker only+popup
(edit) @01f9ce4   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Remove sys.exit from
(edit) @d65979b   7 years jocelyn.jaubert Use a Gist K-Nearest-Neighbor Indexing‎ for marker selection
(add) @95a622e   7 years frodrigo Use bottlepy framework into Osmose (big commit)
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