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[analyser] Add MapCSS analyser support

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Use pgmass to translate mapcss to sql

pgmapcss, branch 'osmosis-pgsnapshot'

select id, properties from pgmapcss_tmp('010300002031BF0D000100000005000000DF458E5A668D57413BCFC9A69F9142C1DF458E5A668D5741AA9B3A5AC88B42C1A8DFD50052905741AA9B3A5AC88B42C1A8DFD500529057413BCFC9A69F9142C1DF458E5A668D57413BCFC9A69F9142C1', 0);

bounding box in 900913 projection

add e.g.:
@style_element_property xxx "throwError;osmose-class";

to your template.mapcss file (in pgmapcss/mapnik/ directory).



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