Available Reports

Custom Query

Compose a new ticket query by selecting filters and columns to display.

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{1} Tickets actifs

{4} Tickets actifs par responsable

{5} Accepted, Active Tickets by Owner (Full Description)

List tickets accepted, group by ticket owner. This report demonstrates the use of full-row display.

{7} Mes tickets

{8} Active Tickets, Mine first

  • List all active tickets by priority.
  • Show all tickets owned by the logged in user in a group first.

{9} Tous les tickets

{10} Rapport pour le composant [ga]

{11} Tous tickets actifs (plus récemment modifiés en haut)

{12} Bugs Osmose

{13} sly's

Désolé, mais j'ai pas trouvé comment avoir un rapport juste pour moi et cette fonction est bien pratique

Note: See TracReports for help on using and creating reports.